Make Money Online With The Recruitment Of Affiliates

If you’re a merchant involved in affiliate marketing, you must keep a close eye on those affiliates as they sign up. You will likely receive a ton of sign ups for your products. It’s in your best interest to take a close look at each one that signs up and periodically audit the entire network you are using. make money online

You will have all sorts of people signing up for your products. People who just dabble on the computer as a hobby will sign up, serious people who consider themselves webmasters will sign up and you will even get sign ups from spammers. These, of course, are not self proclaimed. So, it is very important that you take a close look at each one on a regular basis to make sure that they are promoting you on their site to your satisfaction. Also, it has become known that the FTC is now holding merchants responsible for the affiliates that they use. So, you want to make sure that your affiliates are honest and are performing in an acceptable manner.

Provided below are some suggestions on how you may want to screen some of these people.

ACTIVE WEBSITES: Be sure that an affiliate has an active website. If they don’t, beware, you be dealing with a spammer.

AFFILIATE CONTENT: Make sure that the content of the affiliates’ websites is in affiliation with your own product.

LEVELS OF CONTENT: Be sure that each affiliate has an appropriate amount of content on their site to support your ads.

USE OF CONTENT: Make sure that each affiliate understands what is considered permissible use of content on your website.


Be careful in this area. Fraud connected with affiliates has been on the rise in recent years. Make sure that you are not dealing with a fraudulent website or person. This type of fraud breaks down into two types.

MALWARE: This can be software that has been developed by affiliates that can be installed on any computer. It seems normal and it looks fine until you click on it. Once clicked, the ID of the affiliate is then replaced by the fraudulent content.

FAKE PURCHASE: If you are selling some high priced product or products and the commission or fees on those are high, then beware. You may get some bad affiliates that are using stolen credit cards to purchase those items.


Over time some affiliates, as they get busier, can honestly forget about you. If that happens then your products are not going to get noticed as much. Stay in contact with your affiliates. This is more important if you have high priced products. It will also illustrate your interest in this business.

Managing your business and keeping in contact with affiliates will only benefit you in the long run. It may take more of your time but it will prove to be worth it over the long haul. In addition, staying in contact with your affiliates will make them see that you care about their service and appreciate what they are doing.

This will help to keep them happy as well as letting them know that you are keeping an eye on what is happening. make money online

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