Make Money Online With Proper Website Promotion

When I say doing website promotion by all means necessary, it simply means to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the wonderful ways to make money online an promote your website. Whether you own a product or service it’s important to promote your website or service to the best of your abilities so that you can generate sales. And this needs to be done the proper way. This is a lot harder then said and most people can never figure out the secret. Their really isn’t a secret. One of the best techniques I’ve been utilizing for a long time now is broadening my surroundings by way of article marketing.

This means instead of just having a WordPress blog to promote my affiliate links I now decided to open up a Squidoo Lens or HubPage. Both of these can be used for free promotion and backlinks and they get indexed within hours, which is usually much quicker than any other website. I also take advantage of the 100+ social bookmarking websites that are available online and I try to use them at least once a day to submit a story or two. Another name for a “story” is an article or the content on your website.

Another sure fire method to gain more exposure and therefore possible sales is by multiplying the amount of blogs you run each week. It’s said that the more blogs you run the more money you’ll make and I strongly agree with this technique. Multiplying your odds of sales is the best way to produce more sales as well as repeat clients. Running multiple blogs doesn’t mean you need to update them all the time either, for ones used for link building you’ll only need to update the blog around once a month, maybe just a little bit more.

There are literally millions of different websites online where they allow you to create free blogs and all of these can be used for link building, marketing and such things as long as you’re careful. Google is no idiot and they are like our big brother, YOU DON”T WAN TO PISS THEM OFF, so you must be careful and not get greedy or you’ll be looking at getting banned fast. Whichever way you look at it, it’s about getting targeted traffic to your websites or blogs – without this, you won’t get anywhere and no sales will be made.

The last method I want to share with you right now is becoming more popular and many people still are either unaware of this method or unsure of how to perform the task. The method is video marketing and advertising, which is becoming a billion dollar industry. Many people are creating videos now to send to over 100+ different video feeds for free promotion. Google loves video; well as we know they did buy Youtube, right? Many people don’t use this method yet, but it’s by far one of the best ways to gain exposure. More and more people are becoming prone to only watching videos and now even teenagers are flocking to the net to watch these videos. With this new technology comes new age marketing techniques that you have to fit into the puzzle or you’ll be left behind.

Promotion and internet marketing are the two biggest and most important jobs of running a blog or website and also takes up most of your time. Most people don’t understand the work that goes into being number #1 on the Google SERPs, and most think it will come to them on a silver platter. Sorry to say that this is not an overnight thing and to make money online isn’t a forget it and set it job. You can get there, but in the beginning, research, research, research before jumping into the wrong type of internet marketing and promotion.

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