Make Money Online With Freelance Writing

If there’s one thing the internet screams for, it’s content! Original content. If you can string a few sentences together you can make money online as a freelance writer. You don’t have to be a brilliant writer, but you do have to be prepared to put some time and effort into what you do. I will be bluntly honest here; most people hiring writers are after people who can write reasonably well in English. There is certainly a place for translators, and writers from all nationalities, but the majority of work available is in English. With that out of the way let’s have a look at the world of freelance writing.

There are many sites to make a start in finding work. When you are first starting, be aware that some of the bigger sites will charge you a monthly fee just for existing. eLance is probably the biggest site out there and where you can, (arguably), make the most money. There are plenty of sites out there though which charge nothing to join, although most will take a cut of your income. There are many helpful forums and blogs that can lead you to websites offering jobs.

Think first about what you’re capable of doing and what you enjoy. To be honest, if you don’t enjoy writing you probably won’t keep at it for long. There’s no point in joining up with a site and bidding for a project if you have nothing to show. Even if you only have one sample of your writing, it’s a starting point. No one is going to hire you if you can’t give them an example of what you can write.

Breaking into the freelance writing world can be a little down heartening. You know you can write, but you have no feedback so no one will look at you. Keep at it, keep plugging and that first job will come along. Join a forum or two, or just look around and see what the expert writers have to say. The biggest thing is not to feel discouraged while you wait for that first assignment. Write while you wait, so you’ll have more to show.

Perhaps the hardest thing when starting out as a freelance writer is what you’ll accept as payment. This is a personal choice but not an easy one. Are you prepared to work for $1 or $2 an hour? Most writers would tell you no, don’t touch it, but others will tell you, you have to start somewhere. Just be aware that many established freelance writers are earning $25 an hour or more. Make your choices and be happy with what you do. Whether you’re making $1 or $25, take pride in your work. Even though it’s never your property, you owe it to the person who takes you on and to yourself to do a good job.

Be prepared to work hard, for long hours, especially as a beginner. Those who stick with freelance writing often end up employing others to write for them, creating a group of writers. This is where the real money starts to come in. As in most work though, you have to pay your dues first.

If you enjoy writing and want to make money online, or to eventually quit your present job, freelance writing holds many attractions. You can start the work when you want, take your breaks when you want, and you don’t even need to commute. Freelance writing can mean just a little extra cash in your pocket or a full time career, the choice is all yours.

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