Make Money Online with a Facebook FanPage Like LITTLE MISS BOWTIQUE

The wonderful world of Web 2.0 has unraveled some new ways to make money online. Learning how to make money with a facebook fanpage like LITTLE MISS BOWTIQUE is one of the newest tools an seo marketer is using these days. Facebook provides us with an unlimited potential of people who are guaranteed to see your product or service. By leveraging a facebook fanpage you can create a stream of income that will keep your pockets deep.

Targeting Visitors is Key

If you’re going to create a facebook fanpage, you must create it based around your niche. If you going to make a fanpage about an arts and crafts product from ClickBank then you need to be centered around those same keywords or key phrases that relate to your product. Nothing spells failure more than when you’re selling a product and you create a fan page about something else. The chances of someone wanting to purchase a product geared towards jeans or shorts from a clothing niche is far lower than that of someone searching for arts and crafts.

Status Updates are King if Used Wisely

In your fan page, when you make announcements you can lead someone directly to your page with an affiliate link. You can have a really flashy update saying “My review on LITTLE MISS BOWTIQUE for arts and crafts” or something like “Top 5 most bought art and craft gifts” and link to an article on your domain. At the bottom of the article provide a link to your affiliate site or sign up page and watch the facebook fans make you some commission. Do not make your updates sound too sale pitchy or spammy because people on Facebook are already irritated with privacy issues. Facebook users don’t want another marketer to invade their privacy.

Interact With Your Fans

This is a blessing in disguise that will require you to do some work but reap many rewards. When people post on your page or ask questions you should always reply. You can always reply to their questions with a linkback to an article that solves their problem. The article will include a link to your affiliate program as well, so this is where the revenue will come from. Build that relationship with them and they will consider you their master for your niche and once you build that trust, any recommendation via affiliate marketing that you put your name behind, they will trust.

Personalize Your Page and Personal Status Updates

Using words like “I Recommend” and “My Review” – build trust like in the prior example. I would also highly recommend using stats as well saying things like:

——->I just bought 2 hair clips – Read My FaceBook FanPage”.<-------

Using your own friend’s list is also handy as most people can see your status update through their own friends. If you talk about your fan page in your status update – chances are it will catch the eye of a distant friend or of someone who is interested in just what you are offering.


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