Make Money Online Through Graphic Designing

People are considering the internet as an alternative means to earn money. There are people who work 9 to 5 in the offices and work part time on the internet to earn money. Still others are so impressed by the ease of working through their homes on the internet, that they have quit their regular jobs and have started offering their services to online clients.

There is no dearth of work on the internet. You know that most of the companies outsource their work to companies on the other side to the globe to save on the money and to increase the profit margin. You not want to hire a permanent staff for jobs that are not very frequent at their places. These companies approach the freelance people who have the skills and get the work done. Thus they save on the monthly salary of the staff, say for example, a graphic designer.

An accounting institution may not need a graphic designer throughout the year as they are more into the accounting and other related works. However, they need to advertise their services from time to time. They can approach an advertising agency that will charge a hefty sum to design a New Year calendar or a greeting card for Christmas. Here is where the accounting firm will need your services. You get the order online and once you finalize it, the money agreed upon is transferred to your account.

You may wonder where you will find the work. The client will not come to you. You will have to approach them. Before you approach them, you need to be prepared. If you can afford it, it is recommended to get a website of your own where you showcase your talent. This also serves as your online portfolio. You can also have links to other works that you created.

If you are not willing to invest in the website in the very initial stage, it is recommended that you create a portfolio and convert it into the PDF format that can be easily navigated. In case you do not have the Acrobat Distiller to convert your documents into PDF format, you can download a shareware or a free software the serves the purpose. Plenty of software are available at portals such as brothersoft or downloadcenter that offer such software.

Since you are applying for a graphic designer contract, make sure your electronic portfolio has an attractive cover page. The page next to the cover will brief the client on your experience in the field. The second page can be your resume in brief that lists your achievements. Subsequent pages will contain three to four different kinds of graphics that convey that you can create any type of graphic.

Finally, mention why you should be hired. Stress on the dedication and timely work submission. Once you have the portfolio ready, you need to check out the different freelance sites. Plenty of sites exist but not all of them are useful. Among the best are,,, and to name a few.

You can also Google for contractual jobs or contact local entities with a hard copy of your portfolio.

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