Make Money Online Outsourcing

Did you know that 90% of the so called “BIG” Internet marketers online don’t even create their own products? How do I know this, because I actually use to be a copywriter for several well know Internet marketers.

Here’s The Kicker: My clients would outsource a project to me that would entail me writing a 30 – 100 page single spaced report on a specific niche. I would charge anywhere from 1,000.00 – 3,500.00 dollars per report and never wrote a single word myself!

How Did I Get Away With This: Just as my client would outsource work to me I would outsource the work as well. My “connections” gave me access to copywriters that were very talented.

For example I would charge my client 2,000.00 dollars for a 50 page report. Then I would “flip” the job to one of my copywriters and pay him/her 1,000.00 dollars to write it for me.

I liked to call this the trickle down effect. The BIG dog didn’t mind paying me top dollar to write his report because my work was always top notch. My copywriters were more than happy to do the job for 1,000.00 dollars because this was really a fair price.

So here I was flipping anywhere from 3 – 6 jobs per month and making a good amount of money online.

The Set Up: First things first, you need to find at least one very good copywriter that needs work. This is the hardest part of the whole deal.

You need to attract a lot of writers so this is what I did. I created ADs at every classifieds website I could find requesting copywriters. I actually found a service that post something like 2,500 classifieds ADs to various outlets ( can’t remember the URL to the service ).

Then I posted ADs at job forums and job board websites. When I started to get responses I would have the contact write a short report of about two pages so I could review their writing abilities.

I did this for about 60 writers and narrowed them down to 5. So now I had my 5 writers that were very good at their job so I needed to find work.

I visited all the websites like Getafreelancer and posted my “copywriting service”. I have a list of these websites in another post somewhere but I am to lazy to find it now.

I also created a professional looking website that offered my services. Then I ran a few Adwords campaigns driving traffic to it.

It took some time but eventually I was able to build up a reputation as a copywriter even though I had ZERO copywriting experience! The better my reputation got the more work was referred to me and the bigger the clients got.

I was able to net an average of about 6,000.00 dollars ( usually more ) per month and all I did was find work and delegate it.

After two years I actually sold my “copywriting business” for a very nice chunk of money. This is just one of the methods I used to make money online when I first started on the Internet.

This gave me the opportunity to invest in other ideas I had which really helped get me up and running. The Internet is full of ways to make money online and if you think outside the box you are already a step ahead of the rest!

Make Money Online Outsourcing

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