Make Money Online Marketing Schemes – Real Deal Or Scam

So, you’ve signed up for an eBook on how to drive traffic, make money online, and finally, make $1,000 a day. Whatever it was, your inbox is now full of mail every day telling you the latest and greatest; “This Is Really It,” scheme. How can you tell the genuine ones from the crap? It’s not always easy, and do keep in mind that the people telling you how wonderful this product is often don’t know either. We aren’t all gifted with a BS detector unfortunately. But there are some basic things you can do before pushing that, YES sign me up now button.

1. Breathe.

Remember you’re an intelligent person who can think for themselves. Look at the sales page. Without being cynical, remind yourself that someone probably paid a lot of money to get your mind to KNOW that, it needs this. Step out from beyond the hype and look for the words that really tell you whats being offered. Take out the words like “secret”, “special”, “one time only” and so on; that includes the special bonus offers. Chances are you already have that bonus information anyway. What is this really offering you? Is it the final missing piece to you marketing jig-saw? Is it information that can add to what you already know? Are you going to be charged a monthly fee to find out one thing you didn’t already know? Feeling happy about it so far? Good – but wait – there is more!

2. Before going ahead and clicking that buy now button, do a little checking. Open a new window and Google the product name. Have a look at the advertising buttons. How many people are going for this thing? Click on a few and see where they lead to. You can try searching a couple of reviews too, but chances are they will be more affiliates telling you how great this product is. That is OK, and it doesn’t mean it’s not a great product worth buying.

3. Visit a few forums. Internet marketing forums are a great place to see what’s going on. Do a quick search on the new product and see what the buzz is. Use your judgment here and take out of it what feels right for you. If you are serious about internet marketing, it pays to keep up with these forums anyway on atleast a weekly basis.

Don’t panic – that, “only 3 spaces left” is probably not going to go away in half an hour. There is only one product I know of that did that, and yes it was worth its weight in gold, but they are few and far between. In the end you have to trust your own instincts on whether a new internet marketing product is just another re-hash of what you know or whether it’s something that can bring value to the knowledge you already have.

We are all at different levels, and what one person knows back to front may be just the missing piece someone else is looking for. Not that many offers are truly scams, it just depends on what you’re looking for, and in the end only you can decide.

Are you going to click on that YES sign me up now button?

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