Make Money Online Internet Marketing And Keeping It Honest

It’s a shame that to a large extent internet marketers have managed to gain a bad reputation. Many people see them as scammers, spammers and crooks. Generally this reputation has been brought about by either a few dishonest marketers or people new to the business not being aware of what they are doing and making a nuisance of themselves.

While there’s nothing wrong with most of the practices that internet marketers employ to grow their business, I think it pays to be as honest as possible for a few reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that when you are selling any type of product or service, you’re in fact selling yourself. OK, you may be selling someone else’s product, and you can use pseudonyms, (nothing wrong with that), but it’s still you, and you need to feel comfortable about what you are doing. Most internet marketers though are happy to use their real name, show their face, and stand up proudly to say who they are and what they do.

You owe it to yourself to be honest about how your business is going too. There is no point in blaming anyone else if you start to lose money, or your business isn’t going as quickly as you would like. Rather than bemoaning your losses or blaming something or someone else, sit down and do some honest analysis to figure out why things may not be working. Are you really giving all the time to your internet business that it needs? Are you giving up too soon? Do you need to invest in a course to up-skill your copy writing work?

There are many reasons why things may not be going quite as you like. An honest internet marketer will take the time to find out what those things are and do something about them other than giving up. (That doesn’t mean though, not being honest enough with yourself to recognize that maybe it’s time to put a particular campaign on hold for a while.)

I think one of the hardest areas many internet marketers have difficulty with is when others ask them how they are doing. If you have just started out and haven’t made your first sale, it can be pretty hard to say “Oh, yes this is great, it really works and I’m making a fortune!” This is doubly hard if you are trying to sell the very program you are waiting to make money from.

How do you deal with this one and stay honest to both yourself and those who ask? Keep a daily record of where you are heading. What is going right that is heading you in that right direction? Then you can at least provide answers along the lines of “I’m starting to get traffic flowing in now, so I am expecting to see my internet marketing business begin to take off in a few weeks”, or, “I’m following my strategic marketing plan and it is progressing as predicted – I’m pretty excited about that!” These remarks are honest, and strangely enough more believable than “Oh, yeah I’m doing great at this; I’m handing in my notice at work tomorrow.” Most people actually believe and expect that it will take SOME time to begin making a profit in internet marketing.

We don’t have to be angels, but a little bit of honesty really builds your credibility as a person and as an internet marketer. Not only that but it helps the whole business of internet marketing be seen as both a real and respectable one.

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