Make Money Online From Home Playing and Testing Video Games

Making money online from home can be super easy to do, and in some cases it can make you rich. Just ask 24-year-old Wade McGilberry who just took home a cool million for pitching a perfect game on MLB2K10. This was a part of the popular 2k Sports promotion that they ran from March to May this year. Well, Making money online from home playing a video game is not totally without precedent.

Many people make money online playing and testing video games for the companies that produce them. This is not the pie job that some people think it is, but if you love making money online playing video games then it might be for you. The requirements are repeatedly playing “in production” video games until all of the kinks are worked out. While you likely will not make a million dollars like McGilberry did, you can definitely earn a very wonderful and healthy living doing it.

Playing video games online and making money online go hand in hand. Most ways to earn money online involve doing something you love, so it stands to reason that testing and playing games would be high up the list of options. Expect plenty of competition if you throw your hat into the ring. There are plenty of people wanting to make money online playing games. Then again, McGillberry won a million dollars against the highest of odds so your chances might be pretty good after all.

You can give it a shot here: Only 4 Gamers

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