Make Money Online Avoiding SEO Mistakes and Blunders

Making money online success means that to some extent you have to be knowledgeable about search engine optimization (SEO). You don’t necessarily have to be an expert or hire consultants (though many people do that and are pleased with the results), but you should at least make sure that you’re not making common SEO mistakes and blunders that could be needlessly holding your site down in the search engine results. Here are some common SEO mistakes to avoid….

Writing content for search engines rather than people. You have probably seen websites that were clearly written in order to try to game the search engines. They’re stuffed with so many keywords that the content doesn’t even make sense to human readers. While this may have temporarily helped a few years back, search engines have learned how to sniff out sites that do this, and punish them in the rankings. But the main reason you need to write for people is that it’s people and not search engines that buy your products and seo services. How much faith can they place in your products and services if they can’t even make heads or tails of your site content?

Going overboard with Flash content. If you require your visitors to sit through even a brief Flash presentation before reaching the meaty content of your site, it’s just like you are standing in front of your bricks-and-mortar shop and requiring customers to watch you sing and dance for a minute and a half before you let them through the doors. Also, too much Flash content is distracting. Yes, Google can index Flash, but it’s still not as search engine friendly as other types of content.

Placing too much important content in AJAX. AJAX is wonderful for creating a useful, functional, and user-friendly site – no question. However, AJAX works by bringing content out of a server on-demand, without refreshing the web page. That means that the content isn’t readily available for the search engines to find, and it will be skipped during indexing. Make sure that the most important content on a page is not in AJAX, but in regular page content. AJAX is wonderful, but if you put the good stuff there, you could be holding your site down in the search engine rankings.

Being ignorant of URL canonicalization.That is a big phrase that may not make a lot of sense, but here’s what it means. You can reach a site by typing in “” or “” and they’ll get you to the same place. However, search engines see these as two different websites, splitting your link total as some users type it in one way and others type it in the other way. You need to tell search engines to group both URLs together with a 301 redirect, which is what URL canonicalization is. There are several simple ways to do this, all of which can be readily found right online. Or you can call your web hosting provider and ask their tech service if they’ll walk you through the process.

Finally, never be tempted to try unethical or “black hat” SEO tricks. You’ll eventually be found out, and either kicked out of search engine results altogether or severely demoted.

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