Make Money Online Article Writing For Business

Do you have a blog where you write regularly to please both your audience, the search engines and to make money online? Hopefully you also get as much publicity for your blog as possible, by writing articles and by submitting your blog posts to the social media sites.

You may already be writing articles for the Ezines; it’s a good idea to keep a list of the URLs of your articles as both these, and the content on your blog, show that you can write. Are you making some residual income on places like Triond and Ehow, but would like to make money online by writing for sites that will pay you to do so?

A lot of freelance writers started their career by writing for the article directories and later writing for Helium knowledge. Helium is another site that shares Adsense money and gives you a bit extra if your writing gets a lot of page views. Helium also has its own article market place where people will advertise for writers or stipulate what they want written. Plenty of Helium writers are making extra money by picking up these articles in the Helium market place and getting paid for writing them.

Yet another site where you can make money online from your writing, is review stream. The pay is low and you have to have $50 in your account before you get a payout, for which you will need a paypal account. Review stream pays 40cents for short reviews and $2 for unique reviews of around 400 words. They don’t accept every review that is sent in, but they do accept most. This may seem like a slow way to make money but most of the people who write for these sites also run a blog and act as an affiliate for one or two products.

The majority of people who make money online do so by undertaking several tasks, blogging and Google Adsense, affiliate earnings and a little bit from writing. If you seriously want to make money online by writing articles then you can also make money with Associated Content and Constant Content. Associated Content pays $5 an article or review, but they only pay US writers. Constant Content will pay any writer who manages to sell articles on their site.

The guidelines for Constant Content are quite strict and you may not get your article accepted first time round, they will usually tell you why the article has been rejected, if you make the changes and then get it accepted then you stand a chance of selling it. People write in asking for articles on a particular subject and if you write one of those articles then you are more likely to sell your work.

Constant Content only pays out when your account reaches $50. You can set the price for your articles, once for selling full rights, once for usage and one for rights for a limited amount of time. It’s possible for writers to sell an article more than once if they have not already sold the full rights. When you price your work you need to take into account the fact that Constant Content takes 35% of the price of the article, so if you want to make a fair amount of money then you need to price your article accordingly. Plenty of freelance writers I know still submit articles to both Review Stream and Constant Content as you are sure to make at least some money this way.

Article writing is a step into the right direction and is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online. It might be that much for 1 article, but just imagine if you were to write 100-200 articles per month at $50-$10 per article. That would be anywhere from $500-$2000 extra in your pocket.

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