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Jobs nowadays have become diverse in every way. Men and women now have the ability to work in corporations, organizations, businesses, and strangely enough, even online. There still however remains the million dollar question of, how and where, can one make money online? There are many different and simple ways to make money online, and numerous sites that offer opportunities for the public. Ditching the realm of reality and skipping into the virtual world of economy can be a tricky, but rewarding experience that requires quite a bit of guiding along the way.

One good way to pick up some cash while surfing the net is to offer one’s experience in a career to an online market place. The marketplace is no longer an outdoor area with stands and objects for negotiable prices. The market has been redefined as an online field where anything is up for grabs.

Elance is a wonderful place to go if one has experience in design and programming, whereas RentACoder is more software oriented. Design Outpost or LogoWorks are very good places to search if graphic design is one’s area of expertise. Those two sites are particularly rewarding because clients come to ask the designer to work for them, rather than you going there and asking for work. A virtual marketplace is a good place to start, because many people find it hard to find ways to put their experience to good use.

Another way to make money online is to blog. Many sites look for bloggers with good and firm ideas and writing abilities. GigaOM is always looking for people to blog for them. Blogging can be abstruse though, how does one get popular on the site? Commenting and linking to networks will always increase a bloggers credibility and popularity on the website. Writing blog posts that are simple, and classic but not personal will also help. Although personal posts are not appreciated, as they are uninformative, showing some personal writing style helps a great deal.

Along the same lines, one can start their own network blog. If selling, hiring and basically enterprising seems appealing, then Weblogs Inc and GigaOmniMedia are good places to start. Some people find that one blog leads to an entire business. However, many people make the mistake of thinking the blog will be all fun and games, and personal biographies. In reality there are is a lot of time and work invested in a blog network, and this route to internet money should only be pursued by the hardworking.

Last but not least, the easiest, it’s debatable, and is the most rewarding type of money encountered online, is online life assistance. Who really has the money to get a personal counselor at work, or at home? Reputation is very important online, as it is hard to get hired when online, a person is known to be a liar, or a lazy worker. Examples of people who have upped their reputation online are Pamela Slim of Ganas Consulting. She gives advice and is well known to be an honest and warm hearted woman, although probably half of her online friends’ database have actually met her in person.

All in all, making money online can’t be too hard, right? With the right amount of time invested, everyone can easily become virtual money making machines. The public should anticipate a rush of more virtual money makers; nowadays, what truly isn’t technology based?

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