Make Money Being a Poker Affiliate

Poker had exploded online thanks to websites like Pokerstars. This is a niche that is becoming more popular and mainstream by the day so why not grab a piece of the pie?

There are many poker affiliate programs that will pay you for referring customers to them. These affiliates pay 25.00 – 150.00 dollars per affiliate! That’s a great payout for any affiliate program.

You can get started today

1. Bum marketing: Write articles about poker and submit them to article directories including your affiliate link in the resource box. If need be you could use our SEO service to turbo charge your effort.

2. Blogging: Start a poker blog and create 3-4 posts per day that target specific poker keyword phrases. In not time you should be receiving a decent amount of traffic.

Now use some poker affiliate banners on your website or talk about an offer in a blog post.

3. Adwords: Only use Adwords if you are experienced. The poker niche is very competitive in Adwords and you could loose your butt if you don’t know what you are doing.

Poker Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

1. Pokerstars
2. Full Tilt Poker
3. Cake Poker
4. Lucky Ace Poker

These are just a few poker affiliate programs that you can get started with. Keep in mind there are hundreds of good programs out there to test.

I generally wouldn’t recommend a niche like this because there is a good amount of competition but it’s very profitable. I am not in this niche but I personally know someone who brings in over 35k dollars per month exclusively by being a poker affiliate.

I will try to get an interview together if I have time and if he does. Anyway this is just one more method you can add to your arsenal of ways to make money online.

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