Losing Out On Making Money Online

I hear a lot of people complain about the money they have spent buying this e-book, that course, those tools, in their search to make money online. Sure it hurts when you feel you have thrown away your hard earned money for nothing, but think again. Is it for nothing? What new knowledge have you gained and how can you use that to further your online career?

Think about the changes that have occurred in Education. Once, children were taught on little topics e.g. we are studying about “the Eskimos”. The shift in thinking now goes more along the lines of; We are studying about how people survive and adapt in different environments. The shift is that what is learned about how Eskimos adapt, can be transferred when thinking about how the Masai people adapt to their environment. This is called transferable knowledge.

So, thinking back to that last e-book you bought, what can you take from that to transfer to whatever business venture you are in now? Did you perhaps learn something about driving traffic? Niche building? Whatever it is, think about how you might integrate and transfer that knowledge as you move on. If you can, then it’s not wasted after all.

I know, many of us would like to find that overnight success online, but for most of us, it’s a journey. We learn on the way, bring what knowledge we have and add new insights to that. Think of it as earning a degree, or being an apprentice. If you have never cooked any other than an egg, you wouldn’t expect to win chef of the year overnight would you? make money online

Staying with the egg analogy, let’s have another look at how we transfer knowledge. From our experience of cooking an egg to what we know already? That the longer you leave something to cook the harder it gets? We have seen this happen and knowing nothing more than this we expect that to be so, for anything we cook, right? Now someone comes along and tells you that some things get softer the longer they are cooked, and show you how to boil potatoes and saute onions. You have just added to your knowledge and experience. Now, when given a carrot to cook, you can compare it to the egg and the potatoes and transfer that knowledge. Is that carrot going to behave more like a potato or an egg?

So you just blew $500 on a Pay-Per-Click campaign and swear you are never going to do another PPC campaign again. Instead of kicking yourself, take a look at what happened. What can you take from this, that you can use next time – or that you can use in a different form of marketing? What went wrong? What went right? Did one ad work better than others? Analyze why, and learn from it. Ask other people what they think. make money online

A final word on your online journey: If you wanted to learn to cook, are you going to hide away in your kitchen and learn slowly, perhaps painfully, what works and what doesn’t? Perhaps you might invest in a recipe book, and adapt what you find there to what you want to do. Maybe you would ask a friend to taste your cooking and give you some feedback? Or join a forum for chefs and glean what information you can?
Making money online is just the same. There are people who already know the recipes and are willing to share. They may not give you their own special secret ingredient, or they might at a price. What they will give you is knowledge you can use and transfer to your own business. One day you will wake up and realize you know more than you thought you did.

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