Legitimate Money Online

Despite the popularity of home-based jobs, it is still difficult for legitimate companies or ways to make money online. Some have been proven to be spam, or worse, scams, frauds, swindles! If you want to work from home, how do you pick which moneymaking scheme is okay?

Read the advertisement more than once. Adopt a skeptical attitude. Remember the cliche, “Sounds too good to be true?” If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. There are no easy ways to make money online. Even the most popular and well-established bloggers had their beginnings at the last pages of search engine results. (If they were extremely unlucky, their blogs were probably not indexed by search engines.)

Thorough checking is what is required from you. Since you will work at home, you might be asked to meet certain requirements first, such as a computer and a reliable internet connection. Some companies need computers with certain specs. Check if you are required to download or purchase certain programs. If the company requires payment for training manuals or whatever, then it’s probably a scam.

How will you make money? Ask this very important question if the information is not provided in the job ad or in the website’s FAQ page. Is there a standard salary? If so, how often are you paid in a month? Are you paid by commission?

Look for employee support. Check if the company extends assistance to their home-based employees. Whom should you contact if you have any concerns or problems?

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