Learn How To Do What I Do

Great thanks for confirming that you’re tired of clicking shiny banners and making other people rich.

Now on to the good stuff like how you can learn to do exactly what I do. I’ll be honest the course isn’t finished yet because I’m super busy and I want to make sure it exceeds your expectations. If I’m putting my name on something I going to make damn sure it’s awesome because I value my reputation.

The good news for you is that I’m going to cut you an amazing deal. If the home page of this website get’s a combined total of 3K social votes from Facebook Likes, Tweets and Goolge +1 before I finish this course I’m going to give it to you for FREE!

There is no trick or catch I’m literally going to send you an email with a download link that shows you exactly how I build websites that make me way over 100k per month.

Wait, don’t worry!

If the 3K social votes goal is not met I’m still going to hook you up with a HUGE discount which will make the cost a tiny fraction what those “gurus” will charge you for their crap. So either way this really is win-win for you and you have nothing to lose.

So if want this course for free you can help boost up the social votes by going back to the home page here and voting (check the sidebar on the right for the buttons). If not you can sit back and wait for me to send you an email.

Again no pressure at all…

The reason I came up with the social vote idea is because I wanted to give this away for free but I still need some sort of ROI for my time spent putting this together. The social votes help this website gain more traction online and for me that’s worth giving away the course for free.

Update: There are people using retweet services to bump up the Tweets with fake accounts. I am not new to this and these Tweets will not count towards the 3k total goal.

I’m a no B.S type of guy and truly do you want you to succeed,
Guru LOL