Is Your Niche Profitable

There are a few tips to use when deciding if a niche is going to be profitable. First things first, COMPETITION IS GOOD!

Yes, competition is good and if don’t see any the chances are that you are on a dead niche. If you have competitions this means there is money being made in that particular niche.

You won’t find a webmaster spending their time building a website around a niche that is not making them money. So how do you determine if there is competition in the niche you are considering?

1. Adwords: Type your keyword into Google search and see if there are Adword campaigns running. Let’s use an obvious one “Make Money Online“.

Notice how there are Adwords Ads running on almost every page of the results for make money online. This was an extreme example but the point is if that niche wasn’t profitable you would not see any Adwords campaigns.

2. Affiliate Websites: Searching the market place of affiliate websites such as Clickbank and CJ will also give you and idea if your niche is profitable.

If you find products in Clickbanks market place for the niche you are considering this most likely means there is money to be made online in that niche. Same thing with CJ, if you find advertisers that are willing to pay you per click for a niche it means they are making money from that niche.

These are just two quick tips you can use to help you determine if a niche will make money online. There are other factors that you should consider but this is a great start.

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