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There has been some debate recently; particularly with the huge amount of focus on Social Marketing strategies as to whether content really is still king on the internet. Forums, blogs and social sites are where people want to make conversation, not content, right? So as internet marketers are we kidding ourselves to believe that content is still king? Make Money Online

We love to talk with our friends, and the internet has become as much a place for socializing as it is a place to find information. People are no longer spending hours on the internet just to find out about stuff, they come to find and make friends and communicate with each other; Chat rooms and social sites are the prime examples of this.

Some people may even find it a little scary that there are people on the net who can’t even make a trip to the local shop without consulting with their facebook or twitter friends first! This is of course one reason social marketing has become so important in internet marketing. Cory Docotrow (you can find his bio at pointed out that if you chose taking your movies to a desert island rather than your friends, you would be labeled a sociopath. Content just gives us something to talk about. Make Money Online

Having something to talk about seems pretty important though. How many of you have ever had one of those conversations with a friend, or colleague, where after a couple of hello’s and how are you’s there is nothing left to talk about, except perhaps the weather? Chat rooms and back yard fences are of course great places to spread a little gossip and some people never seem to run out of it. Where does that leave the internet marketer?

You can of course waste hours of your time gossiping on a chat site, and letting all your followers on twitter know that you are going to the bathroom, but we all know that would be ridiculous, and it’s not going to do much for your business either. Some content writers manage to fill their pages with celebrity gossip and this is one answer to the content/conversation issue. For most internet marketers though, this is not really an option.

So should we all throw in the towel and forget about providing content? Most definitely not! Have a look at what people ARE talking about and you will find it’s content, content, and more content. Internet marketers are also well aware of the fact that the search engines just love content. Even if no-one was actually reading the content, the search engines still look for it.

Good, fresh, interesting content. People read articles, read blogs and read website content. Much as people enjoy chatting with friends and socializing they also want information, news and interesting new knowledge. Content is most definitely still king. So as internet marketers, let’s give them something to talk about!
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