Internet Marketing With Your Drunk Golf Buddies

*Internet Marketing With Your Drunk Golf Buddies*

I too love the game of golf, but I don’t know if I like it this much. And when your throwing back a few, your shots get a little more daring and you become a little more aggressive in play, rather than trying to play safe. These guys were definitely a little more aggressive than expected and threw “safe playing” out the window. While its all fun and games drinking a few, I would never try something like this; Are you kidding me? 🙂

From the image below you can see exactly what I’m talking about. Click on the image below and the video will open up in a new window using Windows Media Player. If you don’t have Windows Media Player, you can download it Here.

So, can you really make any money online internet marketing with your drunk golf buddies?




Disclaimer: Do not try this at home, on the golf course, or anywhere else! Nor am I associated with the video or anyone in the video.

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