Internet Marketing – A Lucrative Career Or A Load Of BS

For many people their first experience with the world of internet marketing is an e-mail that arrives in their inbox or clicking on an ad that immediately takes them into the spin. “Learn how Joe Bloggs earns $497 a day while drinking beer in his pajamas, and how you can too!” As internet marketers we know that that certainly IS possible, but we also know that many people don’t make it, (mind you if you’re drinking beer in your pajamas that is not surprising). It certainly can be a bit frightening for those new to the whole concept, and as we are aware many people fall quickly by the wayside. They are left, bewildered and disappointed. What happened to that dream they were promised?

I think we have all heard the stories, (at least on every IM sales page), of people who have spent 2, 6 or 7 years trying to make money online and failing again and again. It’s no wonder a lot of people finally conclude that it’s BS! Everyone who has kept trying though is looking for that next program, the next greatest package that will finally fill in the pieces and make them the next internet marketer to find overnight riches.

Some people actually do get “lucky” and hit that jackpot, finding just the right niche at just the right time and yes probably finding a good program to follow. For most people though it takes a little more time and a little more energy. Internet marketing, for the majority, is not about sitting on your butt and watching your bank account grow. It takes time and knowledge to build that business, just as it does any other. That is where the BS ends and internet marketing shows it really is a lucrative career.

Notice, I used the word career here. For the first 6 months and probably longer you are going to live and breathe internet marketing. You will learn along the way and become an expert in various areas. You may spend some time honing your Pay Per Click skills, become better and better at writing good sales copy. Your may become a whiz at keyword research, and niche research. You may learn how to write decent articles, or how to outsource your work. These things take time – you wouldn’t expect to become an engineering expert overnight would you? Not even if someone gave you the best engineering e-book in town and all the tools you needed. That would be BS. Let’s not forget though that most internet marketing programs offer you a money back guarantee after trying them for a full 60 days, there aren’t many engineering courses that can offer that! OK, excuse the sarcasm, but you get the idea.

Yes internet marketing can be an extremely lucrative career and there are thousands of people out there who can prove it to you. The point is they have made it into a career,(wearing pajamas or not), not just a hobby and that is where the BS and the real winners part company.

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