In Your Face Google!

Just about every webmaster has heard of and their problems with Google. De-indexed, lost PR and the only trace of them in Google is through Adwords Ads.

Just another sign that Google doesn’t want you buying or selling links.

Now raise your hand if you have heard of I wouldn’t say they are the new kid on the block but they have not been around a long time. They have an interesting system that allows you to sell links on every page of your website and you don’t have to find the buyers.

The thing I found most interesting about TNX was their robots.txt file. If you visit the URL you see what I am talking about.

They are blocking Google from accessing their website entirely! It’s a pretty bold move and it basically says F.U Google we don’t need your traffic or useless PageRank system to make money online.

I am going to follow there progress for a few months and post back with an update. I say more power to them if they can continue to thrive without Google.

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