In Article Syndication Consider Your Readership

Quite simply, we put a lot of effort into article marketing in hopes of achieving one simple objective: Get more traffic!

Our articles accomplish this in one (or both) of two ways. First, readers might click the links contextually embedded within our articles or within the resource box at the article’s end, and, second, search engine spiders will find our link and assign greater import to the linked page within our site, thereby eventually providing us with visitors who come from searches.

Trying to maximize our results from those two methods causes a problem. The pages that we want to optimize in the search engines may not be the same pages to which we would ideally send our article readers. I’ll try to explain the contradiction with a bit of elaboration.

We normally want to give our greatest SEO love to our most competitive pages. Those are often the pages that directly generate income. With those pages, we try to reach search engine users who are already in a mindset to buy (or perform whatever our desired, money-making action happens to be).

Our distributed article readers are not yet in they buying frame; instead they are usually at a stage of beginning information gathering. That’s why they came to our article rather than going directly to a store or service provider.

Now, hang onto those two competing states of mind for a moment, while we consider how we construct pages on a business website. One fundamental rule of marketing that applies to a good website design for a business is that each page within our site should be constructed in a way that contributes to creating only one action on the part of the prospect. Whether that action is to buy our product, sign up for our mailing list or pet their dogs, we focus all our energy on that page toward achieving that single end. So, if we obey the marketing rule to the letter, we can’t possibly optimize our most important pages and satisfy the human reader of our article–can we?

That is the seemingly unwinnable choice that faces us. Should we direct our article marketing strategy on search engine optimization or on providing a landing page for our readers that will give them what they truly desire at their current stage of decision making (or procrastination, in some cases)? Should we incorporate two objectives within a single page on our site, or ought we make a choice to abide by common sense marketing principles?

We must consider these options carefully in both our article syndication decisions and our copywriting decisions within the website itself.

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