How to Select the Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Niche

Many a times, when an affiliate marketer is researching for the best products to promote, they have the tendency of looking for the most popular products, and those that pay high commission as it appears it would be a good lucrative niche to promote. By all means it is. However, in reality, it may not always be the case because if your choice of product is extremely popular, it simply means that the competition is quite high hence may be very difficult to penetrate the niche and make a substantial profit.

Granted, you will go for a product that pays well and which is very popular but if you opted instead for a niche that has products that you believe in, products that interest you and not really those that pay well, you will be able to promote them with a passion and add a personal touch. You should not choose a niche market that pays well, this can never be overemphasized. If you go for one that you have a passion for and are knowledgeable on, your promotion will be very easy, meaning you will increase your conversions because you will be promoting something that you believe in 100 per cent.

The other criteria when selecting the best niche is that it should be something people will not mind parting with their hard earned cash for, it should be valuable and of good quality, and above all else, it should not be available anywhere else for free. It goes without saying that if your target audience can get the same product somewhere for free, they will not even give your website a first glance.

With that said, one of the best ways to find the best niche for your internet marketing business is to use a free tool known as Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This is a very effective and user friendly tool from Google that gives data, information, and ideas to help affiliates pick out the best niche that receives the most searches. The tool is quite effective also because it will show you just how competitive that particular niche is, so that you can be able to make an informed decision.

Once you use the tool to identify the main niche of products or services that you have a passion for, and those that you will enjoy to promote, you can then use the same tool to find micro niches of the main niche. Go for a micro niche that receives the most searches each month, but which has little advertising competition.

In a nutshell, select a niche or a product that you are very familiar with, one that you love and which you know for sure you will enjoy promoting. Use the free Google Adwords keyword tool to help you identify the main niche and micro niches and also help you check the popularity and competition of the same. Lastly, select a niche or a product people will love buying and which is not available anywhere else for free, and you will be a successful and indeed rich affiliate within no time.

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