How to Make Money Online with EBay

The economy has not been doing too good for quite a while now, and nobody realizes that better than you, after losing your job. You have been trying to find a new one, but with unemployment at record highs, that has not been going so well either. A few friends of yours have told you that there is a possibility of making money online with EBay, so you thought you would research it a little. If all of the above sounds way too familiar, then please keep reading this very short article and you just might discover some useful information.

EBay is an online market place where you can either auction off products, or sell them outright. The great thing about this website for people wanting to make money online is that millions of people visit it each and every day. The bad thing about it is that it is inundated with virtually every product imaginable, and it is very difficult to create a niche for yourself.

You can be sure that if you have seen something interesting that a ton of people would love to own, it is being sold on EBay. So, if everything that has already been invented is being sold on the site, how are you ever going start making money on EBay?

Sounds complicated doesn’t; but it is really not, and all you have to do is to think out of the box. In other words, what you want to do is to come up with something that is unique, in high demand, and is very difficult to for other people to duplicate.

You might be saying to yourself, that is not too easy. Well, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it, and everybody would be making a ton of money. But they aren’t, and below I will provide you an example of how you can be one of the few that do make great money on eBay.

Let’s say you are an out of work construction worker that was a carpenter. Would it be possible to find a more difficult profession to try and start making money on EBay?

What skills do you bring to the table – well you can work with your hands, and you are good building things made out of wood? Now that we have that narrowed down, all we have to do is to come up with a product that people will want to buy from you.

What about customized mail boxes? That’s right, mail boxes with very distinctive designs, nice colors, where you can paint the owners name and address on it. You might want to also consider putting a wood figurine together of the family pet, or a family portrait on it too. Or for that matter, anything else you can possibly think of that would make it a highly individualized piece of art, that a family would treasure and want to buy from you.

What you will need to do, is make a few great samples and take pictures of them. Next, you will want to point out very clearly all of the customizations that you can do to the mail box that will make it a one of a kind item for a family.

To start making money on EBay, you must think creatively. This is just one example, there are 1,000’s of others. Please, just take the time to sit down and list your skills, and more than likely you will be able to come up with some fantastic ideas of your own also.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read about amking money with eBay, I also make pens from driftwood found on beaches here in Ireland and will be using eBay so I’ll be back for more of your useful posts. Have bookmarked your site.

    Thanks and best wishes


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