How To Make Money Online Putting It All Together

Most people who start out in internet marketing begin with a dream. Most then quite rightly set themselves short term and long term goals and start on the road to wealth. But, let’s face it, internet marketing can be a pretty confusing business when you first start out. Be kind to yourself and realize that there is a lot of learning to be done. Some days it feels the more you read and find out the stranger it all looks, and you find another piece of the puzzle that you can’t quite see where it fits. How can you put it all together so it makes sense to make money online?

One of the most useful things you can do is to create a really big mind-map. I’m not talking here about using mind-mapping software or a small page on your computer, or in a book. Grab yourself a really big piece of paper, at least 1 yard by 1 yard and pin it to a wall or a large board where you can work on it laying flat. This is the start of your master map. Give it a central title and image; “Internet Marketing” would be a logical choice. The purpose of this giant mind-map is for you to visually be able to start connecting all those dots, to organize your developing knowledge.

Start by using great big letters for the main points of internet marketing and making money online. Some ideas to start with might be; PPC, Traffic, Websites, Affiliate, Investment and so on. Use whatever seems important to you, these are just the main ideas or areas behind what you understand internet marketing to be. It doesn’t matter at this point which of these methods you intend to use. Neither does it matter if you think you may have left something out.

The whole idea behind this map is that you’re going to keep adding to it as you learn. Next look at what you know already that you can add branches to from those main ones. As an example branching off traffic you might have; social networking, blogs, and forums. Keep going and add in whatever you know and whatever means something to you.

Because this is a very personal mind-map it doesn’t have to be neat and tidy, in fact if you are really thinking about things it won’t be. Go back to the basic rules of mind-mapping and use lots of colors and symbols and different variations in size. If you don’t know what I mean I suggest researching Tony Buzan who originally came up with the concept of mind-maps.

As you keep digging down through your knowledge feel free to include little notes to yourself, (you can even use post-its), e.g. – I don’t understand this, find out more. Include emotions too, both positive and negative. Examples of this might be; I hate writing, this bit scares me. Just put in anything that comes to mind. Make links, (oh yes, links – that is something else to do with internet marketing you think) – ah-ha your mind just made a connection – add it on. Back to making links – as you go through your map, use lines, arrows, asterisks, however you prefer to link things to each other.

You have now started your mind-map. Use it to help you plan where you are going next with your internet marketing career. Look at your beginnings and decide what the strengths in your knowledge are NOW that you can be using to drive your business? Look too at where there may be gaps in your current knowledge; these are the things you are going to be looking to find out more about, from e-books, forums and experience. Keep adding to your mind-map keeping in mind that it’s a working document, your personal puzzle. As the pieces start to fall into place you never know in what great directions your internet business will go, and you’ll so be making money online!

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