How To Make Money Online As An Article Writer

If you enjoy writing a lot, then, you can easily make money online as an article writer. There are many people who outsource the work of writing articles. Depending on your experience and how many clients you have, you can easily make $30+ per hour just by writing articles for others. When you first start off, you might not even make $8 per hour. You might be very slow at writing articles as a beginner. Also, you have to be familiar with lots of niches. You do not have to be the master of a niche, but you need to have a general idea.

Here are tips for you to follow when you first begin if you are interested in a writing gig:

1.) Accept cheap offers, but always provide high quality content. When I say cheap, I am talking about accepting payments of $2 for 500 words+. I am not even kidding about this. You might be thinking, “Wow, that is a lot of writing for such a low payment.” I felt the same way when I first started, but I knew that if I keep it up, then I will build enough experience and I would have samples to provide to people to show them my work. Also, people will refer others to you, and you can have them write you a testimony. This way, you can move up to $5 or $6+ for 500-word articles.

2.) Join a few webmaster forums. I like to go to Digital Point, Black Hat World, and Warrior Forum. Those are the places where I pick up people who are interested in article writing service. There are many more forums that you can go to of course, but I just tend to go to those three only. You can write about your service in your forum signature, or you can post your service in the appropriate category in the forum. There is always a section where people request for services so pay attention to those!

3.) Post your service on Craigslist. I find that to be a great place to post for freelance jobs. I usually get a response in just an hour or two. Sometimes, you will get somebody who doesn’t require you to write much, but will offer you something like $5 for 400 words. Again, as a beginner, just accept whatever offer is thrown at you to build up your clientele.

4.) I mentioned about high quality content on tip #1 because people will always come back to you for more if they are very satisfied with your work. Some people will even raise the price, and once you pick up a lot of clientele, then you can weed out the people who are paying low so you can focus your time on people who are paying higher. The people who used to pay low might want to keep you so they raise the price for you.

When I first started off in this writing gig, I remember I was just getting about $40-50 per day with lots of hours put into it, but now I am making over $300 a day in just about 6 hours of work. Work hard and the patience will pay off!

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