How to Generate Masses of Traffic Video Marketing

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has established itself as one of the largest hubs for online business growth. But despite a massive two billion videos being viewed and uploaded on a daily basis, YouTube is a source of traffic that is still majorly untapped by many internet marketers and home business owners. Right now, there are enormous opportunities for success in Youtube marketing. In this article, I will explain a particular strategy that helped me benefit greatly in a short period of time with the masses of traffic YouTube can direct.

I first investigated the potential for marketing over YouTube around three years ago while filming a series of ten videos with a client of mine. Once we had filmed the videos, I eagerly uploaded them to YouTube. After hearing a number of different YouTube success stories I expected the videos to generate viral traffic almost immediately. 2 months later though I found myself staring at my YouTube account scratching my head. Our efforts to produce some serious traffic to make money online had failed dismally and I had no idea why.

Determined to make it work, I agreed to film two more videos with my client and once again, upload them to YouTube. Once this was done I decided to do something different and contacted couple of larger websites in our niche. They agreed to embed our videos on their blog with a related article. The results did more than restore my faith in YouTube marketing; our videos began to accumulate traffic. Due to incoming links to the video, they started to rank organically on YouTube itself. We found the videos shooting to the top of searches almost instantly and traffic came flooding into my client’s website.

If you are currently involved in an internet marketing business and are looking to make money from YouTube traffic, you need to be uploading your video not only to YouTube but also creating publicity through embedding it on other related websites. In doing this one step you are giving your video much more opportunity to separate itself from other videos out there while simultaneously giving your video the potential go viral.

I have since used this method in my internet marketing business a number of times and it is always the same. More incoming backlinks and traffic increase a YouTube videos rankings all around. Not only that but if you apply the steps as I learn’t I had to then you are giving your business more of an opportunity to tap into the viral nest that is YouTube.

Sam Bakker has been internet marketing for the past 7 years. If you would like find more information about Sam or about how to make money online you can visit his website

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