How To Create A Money Making Kick Ass Active Blog

When you start a “new” blog you will run into two main obstacles. Number one you need traffic and number two you need active commenter’s to keep your blog “alive”.

GuruCreation is a perfect example of a new blog wait… an old blog that never was used so now it’s really a new blog. Follow along and watch as I create a thriving blog that gets a good chunk of daily traffic and active commenter’s.

Don’t prove me wrong be intentionally not posting even though you want to because I know you really do 🙂

Create a blog post that leaves room for improvement. What I mean is make sure you don’t cover every aspect of topic you are talking about. You want the readers to feel like they need to chime in and post because you left some information out.

Controversy – this is an awesome way to generate traffic, backlinks, comments and everything else. I for one know that when I see a political post that I think is totally ridiculous I am all over it like hmmm…. white on rice?

End your blog post with a lingering question. Give your readers something to think about and you can bet your bottom dollar they will be posting. Also make an option available to the poster to subscribe to the post or comments. You have seen this option on all the “hot” forums.

For the love of god DON’T make your comments open in a pop up window. This has to be the single most annoying feature to me in the blog world. If I am interested in your post I don’t want to search for the damn link to read the comments and reply myself.

Run contests – Anything from giving away links to money all the way to Ipods and a donkey if you want to. Yes a donkey may be expensive to ship but it will generate more than a few backlinks for you.

Last don’t be afraid to be yourself. Adding a little personality or flavor as I like to call it will make you stand out. And if your readers don’t like it or if they don’t like you because you start a sentence with the word “and” that is there problem .

In closing if anyone has a donkey or mule that they want to unload in Maryland contact me. I am willing to offer 2 permanent links on Google’s home page for one month and 1 used mens toupee.

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