How optimized are Your Web Pages?

What are you aiming for? When our SEO Company was in its teething stage, website optimization was our core task. Because we know the effect of on-page optimization in search engines algorithms. Too often, we underestimate the importance of website optimization.

The on-page tweaks that deals with interlinking, titles, descriptions and so on are equally important and most SEO companies have in-house professionals who can handle that. But if you play your role well, these elements can align accordingly. However, there are 3 key elements that must be present in a website or webpage if you truly want to build a online business. They can also impact your search engine ranking in future.

An element can be anything – that has a direct effect on your website’s search engine placement. Use the 3 Keys to unlock your website traffic and earning potentials today.

1. Element one: Brand image

What impression do you create about your website? The truth of the matter is that if you don’t show consumers what to think and talk about, they’d have no other choice than to formulate a theory for you. As they say, “if you fail to make decisions, people will do it for you.”

A brand is your identity, whereas the image is how people react to it. You might have good objectives and top notch products/services, but without a clear and positive impression, you’re literally wasting your creative moments. One simple way to enhance your website’s brand image is to fulfill your promises. Have you made a promise that you didn’t meet up with? There are credible online
reputation management firms that can assist you. You don’t have to over-deliver, especially when the “extra” wouldn’t motivate or satisfy consumers.

Just deliver on promises made. That will be fine. Instruct people on what your website and business is all about. Be courteous. Embrace the truth and ditch the lies. Enhance your brand image today.

2. Element two: Communication

Effective communication has a multiplier effect on your website. No matter the niche you’re into, without this element, you may not build a strong system. If your website attracts organic traffic from Google & other search engines, you’ve to speak ‘value’ from the outset. Failure to do this can result in loss of potential customers to your competitors. And communication is never complete without a feedback.

After optimizing your website internally, go the extra mile and improve your call to action. When you solve a specific problem for your target audience, they will stick around and listen to you. The first rule of effective communication is listening. Until you know who you’re marketing to and what he or she has in mind, you can’t possibly communicate well. Study your audience. Research the keywords and key phrases that they’re using to locate your web pages on search engines. Keyword tone can go a long way to reveal the thoughts people have about a problem. Do they want urgent solution or not?

How would you rate a keyword like this?

“Best diet to lose weight in 7 days” See, the people behind such a keyword are desperate for solutions. Maybe they’re facing embarrassment from friends. They just want to lose weight quickly, in 7 days. How do you communicate effectively and meet this need, if you’re a weight loss watcher or dietician? See next line…

3. Element three: Evergreen Contents

What visions do you’ve for your business website? Will your site still be active in the next 5 – 20 years? Or are you a hit-and-run marketer? Understand that internet marketing is a long term goal. Just like a typical brick and mortar business, you’d want your kids to take over from you.

Offering evergreen contents should be your #1 focus. By evergreen, I mean your contents must be helpful, not just today but in the future. Most website owners don’t understand how consumers respond to new offers. Consumers are scared of losing their hard earned money. And that is why Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart and others are successful. They’ve built systems, which doesn’t necessarily need the supervisions of the owners to excel.

It’s about helping people from your heart. No matter what you’re selling at your website/blog, make sure it’s truly helpful and would remain relevant in years to come. This is the only way to get word of mouth referrals and skyrocket your website’s reach, quickly. Create exceptional contents that can be used over and over again. Don’t allow the trends to demean the efficacy of your solution or advice. Sure, you can’t control the market, but you can position your business to meet the latest market demands.

Web marketing takeaway

Do you lack these 3 key elements on your website? If yes, then “now” is the best moment to revitalize your website and improve your business. It doesn’t take so much to turn into a success story – Just meet people’s need in a lively manner. See you at the top!

This free guest post was written by:
Brian Nixon is a search engine optimizer who writes for, a Vancouver SEO company that provides top rated services to businesses across North America. Brian has more than 10 years experience in professional SEO, as well as strong knowledge conversion rate optimization experience and Google Analytics.

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