How I Increased My Blog Traffic Blogger Archives

This isn’t going to be some long tutorial but rather one method you can apply to your blogger blog. As many of you know blogger is not exactly search engine optimized out of the box.

This was the reason I made the Blogger meta tags changes.

Now I have made another change that seems to have made a significant increase in traffic referred from Google. The blogger archive option sucks and all it does is create duplicate content for you blog which will hurt you in the long run.

So what I did which took a while was create my own HTML archives page.

Look down the right column of the blog and you will see the “Archives”. I went through each blog post and added it to one of my HTML archives pages with some tasty keyword anchor text.

Now I have a list of all my past posts which are linked directly from my home page and they use keyword anchor text that I want. This means those “Archive” posts are getting crawled a lot more often than they would have been.

In turn my traffic from Google search has jumped up quite a bit. All I have to do now is update the archive page every 10 posts that I make. That’s the number of posts that stay active on the front page of this blog.

I also just started testing another method to gain higher search engine rankings for blog post without building any out side links to those posts. I will report back in a few weeks to see how that is working out.

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