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Well your many requests have finally broken me down – you win! I have a large network of successful websites that rank very well in the search engines and I am constantly receiving email propositions requesting one type of SEO service or another.

Usually I respond with a polite decline of your offer but you have finally changed my mind. I just finished several of my personal projects and will have more time on my hands so I figured I would take a shot at offering a few link building packages.

First let me say that this is the method that I use to personally build 95% of my own websites backlinks.

Second you are correct, this website does not have many backlinks if any at the time of writing this post. I have done zero backlink building for this website – that’s why.

Third don’t let the price fool you. Many “link building” and “SEO services” will rape you by inflating their prices by as much as 400%. Link building and SEO doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive even to make a profit.

It’s all about techniques and the methods you use. That being said we only build natural links two ways.

The first method of link building is done through article distribution to various websites and individual group publishers ( over 100,000 in total ).

The second method of link building is done through PR or Press Release.

I find that these two methods alone can push your website to the top of the search engines for any keyword you choose. Of course the keyword competition is going to play a huge role in the time it takes to rank well.

The methods we use are a long term link building strategy. These methods are meant for webmasters that want to build a high quality website that will endure a ever changing algorithm.

If you want instant traffic because you don’t have long term plans for your website you can always use PPC ( Adwords ).

If you want to check out what is being offered the link is in the upper right hand corner of this page called “SEO Service“.

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