Guidelines for Picking the Right Affiliate Products for Extra Revenue

Did you know you can capitalize on your existing client base to increase your profit margin and set up a lasting income stream? If you don’t know, read on. Once you have established your product and have already succeeded in selling it for the first time, you can look to promote another product(s) backend and make more money. Because you have already build trust with your existing target audience, and have set base, it will be a win-win situation when you look for an affiliate program and start promoting a product on the backend. Here is how you can do it.

Select a product from a related niche.
The affiliate product that you select should only complement your main product, and not compete with it. If you go for a product that has the same strategies or information as yours, you will be literally stealing traffic from yourself and driving to your affiliate. It is wise to promote a product that will become the reasonable ‘next step’ for your niche. For instance, if your main product is related to dating, why not become an affiliate for a wedding product?

Create a list of affiliate products.
Visit affiliate networks such as or and browse through the lists of affiliate products. You aren’t obliged to select a digital product if instead a physical product is more sensible for your niche. Just locate a residual income affiliate program since it will pay you steadily for the same amount of effort.

Make a comparison on the commission structure of each of the selected products
Once you create a list of affiliate products, you can then compare the commission structure of each program. Ensure you compare the amount payable for each, and how often. While the commission factor is only one thing that determines if you should promote a product or not, it is a very important factor.

Study the sales page of the products you have selected
This is a very important step. Put yourself in the eyes of your target audience and visit the sales page of the products you wish to promote. You wouldn’t want to promote a product and drive traffic to a sales page that will make your target audience click away. Go for the best sales page, one that has professional cool graphics, an extremely attractive and tempting offer, and a winning sales copy.

Which payment methods does the vendor use?
Nothing can be compared to working so hard to promote a product only to have problems getting paid or worse not getting paid at all. To minimize the risk of such an occurrence, you can use an affiliate marketing network. But regardless of the option you use, ensure you know the exact payment method, and how often you’ll be getting paid.

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