Google U.S Goes Dark For "Earth Hour"



This is just a little continuation of yesterdays post. Today Google U.S went black as well in a effort to promote “Go Green”.

In reality it’s a good “idea” but in concept it’s not that great. From what I understand most of our energy comes from coal plants. Now I believe the plan was to get everyone to turn off their power for an hour.

Now I have never worked at a coal plant but I actually worked at several nuclear power plants over a span on 6 years. I’m pretty sure to shut down or even slow down a coal plant or any energy plant for that matter; you are going to use a hell of a lot more energy than just leaving it running.

This doesn’t even take into account the process of starting the energy plant back up! Overall it’s a great concept to make people aware of “the times” and anything that promotes a cleaner environment I down with 🙂

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