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Unlike every other website I’m going to offer free guest posts because I’m an amazing guy and your new Internet best friend. You will however have to meet my requirements below which are very reasonable.

1. Post must be 100% unique, minimum of 500 words and exclusive to This means you can’t post the content anywhere else and if you do you will be banned from guest posting on this sweet website ever again.

2. Post must be extremely well written unlike most of my posts, ironic isn’t it? The topic of the post needs to be related to making money, growing a business, being an entrepreneur things like that.

3. Post can not be written to promote your kick ass product or service no matter how awesome it may be. No links in the article to websites or services you own. I’m a certified link ninja so don’t try to slip them in because I will chop them out. Links to external websites that support the article are OK..

4. You will be allowed 1 link to your kick ass business related website in the byline of the article. Sorry no keyword anchor text links just the domain name because Google likes to bitch slap fools for that.

5. If your post sucks I will let you know by replying with “Your Post Sucks”. So as you can imagine I won’t be publishing it if you get that reply from me.

Just so I know you read everything above use the forth, fifth and sixth word from number two as the email subject when you send me your guest post.

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