Free Business Cards to Promote Offline

I’m sure you do a ton of online promotion for your blog/website but what about offline? Have you ever thought about making up some business cards and handing them out in your local mall or at the counter of the gym?

Trust me this works, if you’re a gym rat like myself I check out all the business cards at the front desk. I’m not the only one doing it I actually sat in my gym and counted the number of people that picked up my card.

100 people came into the gym scanned their membership card and 8 of them picked up my business card. This was 100 random people of all ages and shapes, hahaha.

My point is that’s a good conversion rate and I got the business cards for free. Well, almost free all I had to do was pay for shipping.

Check out the link below and you can get 250 free business cards and all you have to do is pay for shipping.

Don’t waste your time dropping them at random places like restaurant menus, Walmart and crap like that. You need to place them in social atmospheres where people “hang out” or are looking for something to read.

The niche of your website also plays a big role in where you hand these bad boys out. The mall for instance is good for online music download websites and physical goods.

Anyway check out the link below and grab your free business cards.
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