Feeling Down About Your Internet Marketing

Whatever stage you’re at in your internet marketing career, there are times and days when you can start to feel a bit down, and wonder if you’re ever going to make it. For a lot of people this can happen early on, waiting for that first sale, waiting for the traffic to come. For others it can hit at any time, perhaps when changing direction. For some it never happens at all and everything runs smoothly with the money rolling in, but it does happen to you, what can you do? make money online

The first thing you must never do is give up. Whatever it is you need to tell yourself do so. Plaster your walls, or at least your computer area with positive sayings to keep yourself going. “It’s always darkest just before the dawn,” “I’m a successful internet marketer!” or “The world is my oyster,” for example. If you can’t think of anything that seems just right for you, take some time and read through a few forums. Take a look at people’s signature lines, or those little quotes people sometimes put under their avatar. Just as you do with your goals, keep these things where you can see them every day. The mind believes what it can conceive and if you can convince your mind of these things, then that’s exactly what it will be.

Take a short break, (no more than a day) to refresh yourself. If you wait more than one day though, you are likely to not get back on task and you can kiss your internet marketing career goodbye. Now, just sit down and do some serious analyzing.

Start with yourself first. Ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you are. Are you just plain tired, and maybe do need to take a break, or perhaps look at outsourcing some of your work if it’s getting too much? Is your self-esteem taking a battering, and it seems like everyone else is getting ahead with internet marketing but not you? This can sometimes happen when we read about other people’s “instant success” stories. Look for inspiration elsewhere, whether it’s in other forums, or from articles. Look to the rest of your life too, for things that are going well. If you really can’t find anything it may be time to look seriously at whether you’re suffering from depression. make money online

Finally, sit down and analyze your business. If you’re new to internet marketing have another look at your goals and put them into a long time line. How far down the track have you come? Tick off every little thing you have achieved and put it into motion and then congratulate yourself. Are you on track and moving in the right direction? If so, that’s great, keep plugging on. If you aren’t on track then see if you can work out why not, ask advice from others or a mentor to get yourself going again.

If you have been in internet marketing a long time, again make a time line and see what you have achieved – this is no time to stop! Maybe you need to set yourself some new short-term or mid-term goals to get yourself motivated again. Be kind to yourself, take a deep breath, get back on track and never ever give up!

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