Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions, don’t let that phrase throw you off it’s just for the SE’s to chew on. This is an optin list tool that will help you build your optin pages.

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Optin Form Creator Instructions

Configuration: Generate an optin form in just 4 easy steps. Enter your autoresponder account details, text messages etc. to start configuring your form to your needs.

1. Click on ‘Start Wizard’ on the top left hand corner of the program window and Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Form Setup, which is either ‘Use default templates for popular autoresponder services’ or ‘Paste html code from your custom autoresponder service’. Popular autoresponder services include:

2. After you click on ‘Use default templates for popular autoresponder services’, you would arrive at ‘Form Setup’.

Here, you will need to input the following details:

Autoresponder Service
Your Account ID / Merchant ID / User ID
List or Campaign Name / Default Autoresponder ID / List ID
Optional Tracking Mode
Optional Redirect URL
Form Title Text
Submit Button Title

3. After entering all the above details, you will arrive at Step 2: ‘Domain and File Info’. Input your website’s domain, and select the Output Location or choose the folder where your website’s HTML files are usually stored. You can edit the Form Name, Stage Width and Height to your preference. Click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

4. You will arrive at the panel Step 3: ‘Enter the text to be displayed in various messages and prompts’. Firstly, you can preview the ‘Progress Bars’ and select one out of 4 choices by clicking on ‘Insert progress bar’. The html code will be input into the text field.

Then enter in the text for the following fields:

Optional Waiting Message while Contacting Server: displayed in a message area immediately after the ‘Submit’ button is pressed by the prospect.

Missing Name Prompt: displayed in an alert message when the form’s name field is blank.

Missing or Invalid Email Prompt: displayed in an alert message when the form’s e-mail address field is left blank or it contains an invalid e-mail address.

Do not forget to upload the image file related to your ‘Progress Bars’ to your web server. You will be prompted when you click on ‘Insert progress bar’

5. At Step 4: ‘Describe what to show after a successful post of your form’, you can select and enter the details for one of the following items below, which will replace your form after it has been successfully posted to its destination.

To display a text message:

Overlay a webpage
To display an image – You will need to specify the path for the program to find it and it will automatically copy the image you provided into the output folder and generate the HTML to display that image.
Error message

Click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

6. You are now ready to use your generated form. You can save it in the following formats:

Save as webpage
Place code in your clipboard to paste in your html editor
Save as WordPress plugin
Save as WordPress sidebar widget
Upload your web page to your web server along with the “sub pages” that include your form’s name. For example, if your form’s name is “Form 1”, the names of the subpages are as follows:

Click on ‘Finish’ to use your form.

If you selected either ‘Save as web page’, ‘Save as WordPress Plugin’ or ‘Save as WordPress sidebar widget’, go to the Output Folder to view the exported form and its related files. Upload the necessary files which include ‘optinb.php’, your exported .htm file and all your image files onto your web server.

7. You can save your configuration by clicking on ‘Save Configuration’ and load it another time so that you do not have to retype any information.

8. When you wish to reuse a saved configuration, just click on ‘Load Configuration’ after clicking on ‘Start Wizard’.

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