Ebay Pulse Scam

I have been getting emails from those who I have shared this video with asking me when I was going to release it and explain what it going on. Well here it is, this is the EXACT software used to cheat and get to the front page of the eBay Pulse!

Disclaimer: I have never used this software with the malicious intent to cheat eBay and get on the eBay Pulse page. I have never used this software to my advantage to make a profit on eBay or off eBay.

I did not create this software nor have I ever sold this software to anyone. This software has only been used by me to show other eBay members what is going on behind the scenes. I will be deleting this software from my system and it will never be used again for any purpose.

How Does It Work!

First thing first ebay member mysterygiant is the mastermind behind the entire “eBay Pulse Scam”.

Other eBay members that you see on the Pulse page such as jjfjq and kekoa64 pay mysterygiant a commision for getting them on the eBay Pulse page.

There are actually two methods used to get on the eBay Pulse page.

Method One

Without getting to specific so this software does not get duplicated I will try to explain how it works. If you watch the video you will see two windows on the software.

The window on the right will open an eBay website such as www.ebay.com.my. The software will automatically register for an account by creating fake user information. It will then login to the email account used to create the account and click on the confirmation email.

So at this point the software has automatically registered a fake account on eBay and it is “live”.

The left side of the software will open an eBay website like www.ebay.com.sg and login into your eBay account. It will them automatically add preselected item numbers to your “watch this” list!

Before running the software you can input an unlimited number of auction numbers. They will be added to the fake users watch list as the accounts are created. This means each fake watcher will be watching every auction you input.

The entire process of creating one fake account and adding all your items to the “watch list” takes about 10 – 20 seconds. The software can run on autopilot 24hrs a day in the background of your computer.

( screen shot of the software files )
ebay pulse files

( software running )
ebay pulse software

On the Pulse With 9 days and 20hrs Left

So you are doing the math and trying to figure out how this software generates 100,000 watchers in a few hours. Because that is about what you need to get on the eBay Pulse page. You see their auctions on the eBay Pulse with in a few hours of being listed, right?

This is the golden nugget of information that makes all the difference!

Many eBay members don’t know about this feature. If you look at the left hand side of the menu in your eBay back office you can “schedule” auctions. You can schedule them up to 15 days in advance I believe ( this may have recently changed to less ).

So this is what they do. Mystergiant will schedule about 10 auctions for himself then have kekoa64 and jjfjq do the same thing in their accounts. When you do this you set up an auction as normal and are given an item number.

Now all that’s left to do is send those item numbers to mystergiant and let him add them to the software. Yes, you can add watchers to scheduled items! It’s a HUGE eBay loophole that only a handful of people knew about until now.

You will not be able to see the number watchers you have in your eBay back office for any item that you have scheduled.

You need to optin through you eBay back office to receive DAILY updates on your auctions. In this email it will give information such as the number of bidders, time left on your auction and the number of watchers.

( The Email You Receive Will Say “eBay Daily Selling Status” )
ebay pulse email

It gets even better though. You can keep pushing back the date of your scheduled auctions simply by rescheduling them when they get close to the date they are supposed to go live.

This literally gives mystergiant the ability to add as many watchers to each auction as he wants. If he wanted 1 million watchers he could have them. Notice in the video how I had anywhere from 20k – 28k watchers on all my auctions and they all had over 9 days left?

( The auctions in the video with 28k watchers had 5 full days of running on the software. I started staggering the auctions so you could see how fast users are added. )

All I did was schedule them and let the software run for about 5 days straight. Then I just edited each auction to start immediately so you could see the accumulated watchers.

( My Ebay Account )
my ebay account

One More Trick

In order to get on the eBay Pulse page you must sell at least one item or have one bid. You can have 1 million watchers but unless you sell an item you won’t be on the Pulse page. So mystergiant, kekoa64 and jjfjq just by each others products under different user ID’s.

Method Two

I have not figured out all the details for this method but I am getting close. This is also another mystergiant scheme that he put together.

What mystergiant does is run a a lot of proxy servers on his domain and uses a cron job to create fake eBay accounts that add watchers.

So how do I know this?

First mystergiant owns the domain name www.buyop.com. If you followed any of his personal auctions or bought his product you were taken to this domain to download it.

Or Click Here

Now check this out, I did a little bit of snooping around and found this AD Getafreelancer.

If you read the AD you will see that he is asking for 100 proxy servers to be set up on his other domain name http://ebookfrog.com/

( Just In Case The AD Is Deleted )

Just for a little more proof that mystergiant actually created the AD just click on the profile of the AD creator.

( Just In Case The Profile Is Deleted )

I won’t reveal anymore information about this second method yet but there is more. The only reason I see him using both methods to get on the Pulse is to try and stay one step ahead of eBay and keep them guessing.


I released this information because I am feed up with eBay sitting back and doing nothing. If I was able to figure out what was going on and get my hands on this software why the hell can’t eBay or maybe they have already!

The simple fact is that mysterygiant, jjfjq and kekoa64 are using these methods to manipulate eBay. It my eyes that clearly against there terms of service and I guess we will see what happens.

eBay Pulse

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