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It used to be that people had problems balancing home and work, and had to choose between which to prioritize between the two. Recent improvements in technology and the widespread use of the Internet has allowed various businesses and individuals to solve the dilemma about home and work by giving them the opportunity to earn money working online in the comfort of their home.

While the chance to earn money working online at the autonomy and comfort of their own home seems like a good idea, it is not for everyone and may not suit people who thrive on going outside and personally mingling with lots of different people. Those who do seem fit for a job that allows them to earn money working online will benefit from several work-at-home advantages.

• Firstly, you effectively get rid of the long commute to work, which not only saves you time but also money that is supposed to be spent on fuel and transport costs.

• Second, a job that allows you to stay at home and earn money working online allows you to focus on the work itself instead of being distracted or hindered by office politics and unsavory coworkers.

• Another advantage is the greater flexibility it entails, which means you can earn money working online at your own pace. While there are still deadlines, they tend to be based on your own schedule instead of a normal 9 to 5 routine.

• You also have total control of how you do your work, and which tasks to prioritize, giving you a greater freedom that you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy if you have a manager or supervisor who decides how and when you should do your job.

• There are also certain advantages in terms of tax deductions that you can claim on utility costs and office equipment. Additionally, you don’t need to deduct anything from your salary in terms of company contributions or other extra curricular expenses that you don’t really need or want, but had to entertain out of solidarity.

There are several things you can do to improve your chances of success in a work-at-home environment, including the following:

• Improve your selling skills. When doing freelance work, you are essentially a salesperson for yourself and your skills. You need to be able to explain and convince people why they should use your services.

• Organize yourself. The absence of a supervisor or manager means that you have to take responsibility for your own productivity and ensure that you are maximizing your time at work.

• Obtain reliable tools and resources. A company has an entire department devoted to this task, but since you’re working on your own, it is your job to obtain a stable internet connection, a reliable computer, and a consistent means of communication such as a cellphone.

• Expand your network. Interact with other people in the same field, and maintain acquaintances. Either you end up learning from them or partnering with them, or even better, they can become your clients in the future.

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