Create A Massive Email Marketing List

This is one of my personal golden nuggets of information. I was debating on whether or not I was going to post this but what the hell. There is plenty of room on the Internet and in reality only 1%-2% of people actually apply what they learn.

This is an article on how I use Aweber and eBay to automatically build a massive list that I can advertise to anytime I want. I start drooling every time I peak inside my Aweber account and now you can too!

1. First things first, you’ll need an Aweber account. If you don’t have one you can sign up for a free 30 day account to test it out.

2. Second step is to setup a new list for the product you will be selling on eBay. Take note of the email address you just created because you will be using it in step three.

3. Open your Paypal account and add the email address you just created (example: to your list of Paypal email address that you accept payment from.

4. Now you need to confirm the email address you just added to your Paypal account so back to Aweber we go. Click on the “Leads” button then choose “Display Leads”.

You should see a confirmation email from Paypal. Click on the title of the message and scroll down until you see the email message from Paypal. Find the the line that says click on the the link below to confirm your new Paypal payment address.

You will notice that the link is not clickable so you will need to copy and paste the URL into your browser. Sometimes Aweber will add some extra characters into the URL so what you will need to do is take them out.

The easiest way to see what format the URL should be in is to add another email address to your Paypal account and see what the URL looks like in the conformation email.

Once you have the correct URL layout paste it into your browser and click confirm your email.

5. Back to Aweber one more time where you will need to set the new list you just created to be activated by Paypal payments.

Just click on “List Settings” – “Email Parser” – and check the box next to Paypal payments.

6. Fifth step is to log into your eBay account and in your payment settings add the email address you just added to your Paypal account. For instance I would add as the address I am accepting Paypal payments to.

7. Last step is to create your Aweber confirmation message for the list you just created. Click on “List Setting” then “Verified Opt-In” – towards the bottom of the page you will see a form line that says “Confirmation Success Page”. This is where you will enter the URL of the product you are selling.

That’s it, your finished!

Are you still confused on exactly what you just did?

When a customer completes payment through Paypal for an item they purchased from you on eBay they will automatically be sent an email from Aweber. The user will see your confirmation message telling them to click on the activation link to confirm their email address.

After clicking on the confirmation link they will be redirected to your product download page and automatically added to your Aweber email list.

*Be sure to tell your potential customers in your auction that they will need to confirm their email address before getting your product.

Of course you will need a product to sell on eBay and have it listed at a desirable price. If you don’t have a product to sell you can enter your email address above if you haven’t already and I will send you some.

Once you have a list you can market to it any number of ways including affiliate products, J.V’s and anything else you can think of. If you like this article let me know and I will write another one on how to nurture your list so it’s responsive.

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