Bum Marketing

Bum marketing does it still work? Damn straight it does! I just finished a test and without giving away the specific details of my niche I will give a brief explanation of what I did.

One month – 15 articles – 897.00 dollars in affiliate profit. I spent a total of about 6 hours and ZERO dollars on this entire process which isn’t really that much work.

1. Find a niche: I browsed clickbank to look for new hot selling products. Products that have high “gravity” on clickbank.

2. Once I found a product to promote I created my affiliate link and set up a redirect through one of my domain names.

I use a redirect for several reasons.

a. Most article directories will not allow you use URL’s that have a question mark in them which most affiliate URL’s do.

b. By using one of my domain names I get the backlink to my website as well. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

3. Keyword research: I used Wordtracker’s free keyword tool to narrow down 15 longtail keyword phrases with at least 100 searches per day.

4. I wrote ( 15 ) 500+ word articles, one for each of my keyword phrases.

5. I submitted each of the articles to my top 30 article directories using my redirect URL in the resource box.

6. Sit back and wait: At the end of 31 days I had made a profit of 897.00 dollars in affiliate sales which is not bad for 6 hours of work.

Now all that’s left to do is repeat the process. My original 15 articles are live as long as the article directories stay online. They will continue to product affiliate sales but most likely not 900.00 dollars per month.

Bum marketing does have a tendency to die off over time but you will still see those articles product sales.

I usually add a few steps into this process but they require me to spend money. I wanted to see if it was still possible to make money from bum marketing without spending a dime and as you can see it’s still very possible.

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