Blogger Meta Tags

If you are using as your content management system you know that it doesn’t create unique Meta tags for each page, which sucks!

I made a post on another blog about a year ago with code that will create unique meta tags for each page of your blog. I got bored a couple weeks ago and tweak the code a little bit.

I have since noticed a significant increase in traffic and all my post are usually indexed with in minutes. Getting indexed fast isn’t a big deal but the increase in traffic is.

The only thing I can attribute this traffic increase to is using this code to create unique Blogger Meta tags. I have only tested this on self-hosted Blogger blogs. So if you are using Blogger to host your blog you can try it but I don’t know if it will work.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that you must be using classic Blogger mode. This is the mode where you can edit and or create your own Blogger template such as I have done on this blog.

Just grab the code from below and replace the old Blogger Meta tag code between the head tags of your blog template.

More traffic equals making more money online baby!

Blogger Meta Tags

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