Avoid Getting Banned from Google

A recent conversation has lead me to make this post. A popular website that ranked for a highly competitive keyword recently kicked the bucket.

Banned from Google!

There are several very basic rules that every webmaster needs to follow to stay out of harms way. Keep in mind these are only a few of the things that could get your website banned but they are the “biggies”.

Keyword stuffing: This is one of the most commonly used techniques and involves injecting a large number of the same keyword all over the page in the hopes that the web crawler will read this as relevant.

Keyword stuffing goes beyond the necessity of quality content and into the dark realm of throwing keywords in just to attract the search engines. You do not want to stoop this low.

Hidden texts: This is basically the same as keyword stuffing, although these texts are often placed at the bottom of the page in smaller fonts, placed out the page, or done in the same color as the background to hide it.

Use of this tactic is one sure way to get your site banned so better not try it.

Cloaking: Webmasters or SEO service providers who use this tactic are basically presenting different information to search engines and human searchers.

It is used to give a site a higher ranking and to lead searchers to websites based on search engine descriptions that turn out to be unrelated to the content of the site.

Doorway pages: These are pages on a site whose main purpose is to target a specific keyword or phrase, and does not offer any useful content. Use of doorway pages can lead to the automatic removal of your site as soon as someone reports it.

Redirecting: This is often used by webmasters or SEO services in tandem with doorway pages. Once a visitor lands on a doorway page he is immediately taken to a page that actually contains legitimate content. Again, one surefire way to get the boot from search engines.

If you are spending a lot of time building a website you don’t want to blow it out of Google by using some lame black hat method. Yeah you might make a few quick bucks but your goal should be to create a residual income.

It may take a while to get your feet wet and make money online but slow and steady wins the race – at least that’s how the saying goes 🙂

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