Another Pagerank Post

Blah I am tired of seeing them to but I keep hearing people talk about there page rank dropping. Let’s get a few things out in the open about the way Google seems to be working now.

1. A websites pagerank can drop or increase at any given time. PR updates seem to happen at random intervals which is due to manual adjustments.

2. Touched on this a bit but there are manual Pagerank adjustments going on.

a. If you are selling links for the purpose of passing PR you are going to loose Pagerank if you get caught.

b. If you are selling banner ADs and don’t use the nofollow tag you could still get hit and loose your Pagerank.

c. If you are interlinking your own websites you are going to not only take a Pagerank hit but you could very well loose your search engine rankings.

3. How Google is detecting and deciding what websites get penalized is still unknown.

a. What we do know is that inside Google webmaster tools you can report “paid links”.

b. Blatantly posting “links for sale” is going to get you caught.

Goolge may even some how have a script that scans websites looking for URL’s without the nofollow tag. This may be a little extreme but I wouldn’t put it past them.

So if you don’t want to be the next webmaster crying about your PageRank dropping maybe you should think twice before you sell PageRank!

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