A Review Of Brad Callens SEOLinkVine Link Building Service

Like many people, I was a bit hesitant about Brad Callen’s SEOLinkVine, the newest link building idea to hit the market. Like millions of other website owners, I have a need to build them, as I understand the value of building links too. Without links, and I mean quality links, the hopes of building a high traffic affiliate business were virtually null and void. My websites were never going to get off the ground fast enough for my tastes. So, I dove in and took the plunge. Man, I am sure glad that I did.

The first thing you should know is that SEO LinkVine is unlike any link building product out there. He pretty much has a corner on the market with this idea, and I only wish I had thought of it first. The basic premise is that more links will get you more traffic. This is not some pie in the sky theory. It has long been known that quality one-way links is the number one way to get high page rank from Google. It is also a major factor in whether you show up high in search terms that you are targeting.

Brad Callen has built a system here that focuses hardcore on one important thing – thousands of quality, targeted one way backlinks. That is the focus, and he is razor sharp in the execution with SEOLinkVine. This system will give you major links from places that you want links from. There are no junk links in this system. SEOLinkVine only accepts quality websites that are serious about making money and providing good products and information. This means that all of the websites in the network are good places to receive links from. What is more, Callen has found a way to organize these sites so that the ones that are in your niche or category are the ones that give you links. This means that you are getting quality links, driving traffic that means something directly to your website to buy your products and services. What good is traffic that is not interested in what you have to sell?

When he says quality backlinks he is not kidding. Tens of thousands of links in a matter of a few months is not impossible, and they are all top quality. The best part is, they are all completely automated. Getting these links are easy as pie.

Quite literally, SEOLinkVine does pretty much all the work. You submit your articles with links to the keywords you want, and SEOLinkVine does the rest. They distribute the article to thousands of sites that use it and give you quality backlinks in return. It is like a supersized version of Ezine really, except you do not have to wait for sites to pick up your article. SEO LinkVine puts it under their noses for you.

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