5 Tips To Make More Money With Amazon

If you are an affiliate marketer then you are probably already familiar with Amazon’s affiliate program and how profitable it can be. Thousands of affiliates promote Amazon’s products because conversions are extremely high, and consumers tend to add stuff to their shopping cart that you didn’t even promote originally before sending them through your link.
There are many different ways to promote their products but in this post I want to give you 5 effective strategies that will help you make more money as an Amazon affiliate.

1. Promote Amazon Products on YouTube – Since Youtube videos rank so well in search engine rankings it makes sense to create video reviews of popular products. This strategy works very well because it doesn’t take a long time to start receiving views once the video gets picked up by Google.

The key is to get backlinks to your video and provide a review that will actually help potential customers make a buying decision.

Once you have your video ready make sure to include your affiliate link in the description box. You can also display your cloaked link within the video itself.

Next, you need to get backlinks to the video. It doesn’t take thousands of links to get these videos ranked. You could create a simple link wheel around it and that would probably be enough to get it ranked on the front page for its main keywords.

2. Include Links Within Content – A lot of affiliates overlook this powerful method and miss out on a substantial amount of Amazon commissions. If you run a blog or content site, you want to do in-content promotion by hyper-linking keywords with your Amazon affiliate links. If you think about it, your content is where all the eye balls are so the CTR on these links will be much higher than just a simple regular banner, or links at the end of the content.

3. Promote High Ticket Items – The higher the price the bigger your commission is going to be per sale. Some affiliates complain that Amazon’s commission payout is too small to make any kind of money, but that’s because they don’t sell high ticket items, or they think it’s too hard to sell more expensive products. The fact is that the price doesn’t matter when the consumer is already interested in buying what he/she is searching for. If you concentrate on promoting products that cost more than $150 your affiliate paycheck will be bigger…simple as that

4. Sell Popular Products – You should only promote products that have many positive reviews. The more popular the item is you are selling the more searches on Google for buyer keywords. Positive reviews also help with conversions so always keep that in mind.

5. Put Out Seasonal Content – Amazon does most of their sales during shopping seasons such as Christmas. Create your content with that in mind and watch your earnings grow exponentially. It’s important to watch what Amazon is promoting, or what sales they are running during holiday season.

If you pay attention to all the different promotions Amazon does you can strategically plan your content ahead to maximize your profits.

Amazon affiliate program is quite profitable for smart affiliates who know how to presell and how to get the clicks. If you use the above strategies your income is going to grow very quickly.

Pawel Reszka is the creator of Affhelper.com, a blog where he shares some cool tips about making money online. Check out his free video course on how to make money with Amazon.

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