4 Minutes

4 minutes – that’s how long Harris Fellman claims it takes to make money online in his new product released today. Now from where I stand it’s hard, damn hard to make any significant amount of money in 4 minutes.

Harris Fellman is a successful online marketer and it’s because his products evoke emotion and impulse buying. When I give you the link check out the video on his website and notice what he talks about, recession.

He is trying to make a connection with you and talk about something that you can relate to. You may think Yeah hes right, I know someone that is being foreclosed on right now because of these damn adjustable mortgages.

I’m not saying you can’t make money online in 4 minutes but you won’t make enough for it to make a difference. I can almost guarantee that if you bought the product it would suck and they would offer a ton of crappy scripts in the back office to try and get you to stick around.

I can think of a lot smarter ways to invest 197.00 dollars but I have been wrong before so don’t take my word for it read the report yourself.

Download it Here

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