11 SureFire Ways On How Not To Make Money Online

Thousands of people every day make a start or a re-start in internet marketing. With hope in their heart they follow the dream of “How to make $997 a day without lifting a finger”. Three weeks, months, or years down the track they give up, no richer and probably not much wiser. Here is a light-hearted look at 11 surefire ways to fail.

1. Sign up as an affiliate for every product that you think looks like fun. Set up a free website with your affiliate links, sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in.

2. Open every e-mail and buy every new make money online product that is sent your way. Don’t worry that you have only completed step 1 of the last miracle program – this one has got to be better!

3. Set up a brilliant landing page for your product, and then cover it with adsense ads that people can click on instead of buying from you.

4. Comment on 50 blog sites a day with “Hey, that was interesting, have a look at my site www.GuruCreation.com”

5. Do similar things on 50 forums a day, which have nothing to do with what you are trying to sell. Make sure not to add anything useful to any threads, but do be sure to make a new thread entitled “Check out this great new product.”

6. Write one article every six months. Submit it to Ezine articles and wait for the traffic to come flooding to your site. Oh yes, make sure to use your targeted keyword at least once in every second sentence. If you are very clever you can change where you put the sentences and submit the same article to around 20 other sites.

7. Open ad campaigns on Google and Yahoo. Start with a daily budget of $500 and around 80 keywords that you think have something to do with what you are selling. Write one killer ad that tells people to buy it from you because you are the best and they need it. Sit back and wait for your bank manager to call.

8. Buy a list of 2,000 strangers and send out e-mails once a day to let them know that you understand their pain and can personally help them enlarge their penis size. Sit back, relax, and wait for the money to pour in.

9. Pay your 8 year old brother to get all his friends on bebo to follow you on twitter to be in the chance to win a free iPod. Sit back, relax and be ready to face a law suit for showing 8 year olds how to enlarge their penis.

10. Make sure to visit yahoo answers 3 times a day. Questions such as “How can I tell if I am pregnant?”, “Does my dog have fleas?” or “How do I remove noise from a picture in Photoshop?” can all be answered with “Click here to find out how to enlarge your penis”. Sit back and wait to be banned.

11. Tell everyone that all internet marketing is a scam. Give up and catch the bus to work.

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