100.00 Dollars Per Day

I have shown you how to make 100.00 dollars per day several times in the past and here’s another method.

You are going to find an affiliate product that pays at least 25.00 dollars commission per sale. So you only need to make four sales per day to reach a goal of 100.00 dollars per day.

Let’s Get Started

The key to picking a good affiliate product is finding one that is very high in demand and something that is bought on the Internet on a regular basis.

I want you to find a tangible product because you don’t want to market to webmasters. This is the mistake most newbies make. Internet savvy people know about affiliate marketing and most of the time will strip your affiliate URL if they decide to buy the product.

So for this example let’s go with flat screen t.v’s. Now that we have our niche we need to find out what models and brands are most popular. Head over to Amazon’s best seller list and have a look.

You will notice that Amazon pays a 4% – 5% commission on flat screen t.v’s. That’s about 40.00 dollars for every 2,000.00 dollar t.v you sell!

Got to http://www.cj.com and find 2-3 affiliate programs that offer flat screen t.v’s as well.

Put It Together

This is where it starts getting fun. Go to WordPress or Blogger and set up a free blog.

Write a review on one of the models of flat screen t.v’s and link to 3 different prices for the same t.v using your affiliate links. What this does is give your blog reader a review of the product and the website that has the cheapest price.

It doesn’t seem like a sale page to the blog reader. All they see is a review of a t.v they are interested in and the cheapest price!

Send Traffic to Your Blog

This is pretty easy also. All you need to do is write articles based on longtail keywords and submit them to the top article directories. So open up your favorite keyword tool and type in the brand of the t.v ( RCA Flat Screen ) you are promoting.

Gather a list of about 50 keyword phrases to start. Every day write at least one new article based on a keyword phrases and submit it to the top article directories.

The more articles you write the more traffic your blog receives and the bigger your commission check is. The great thing about this system is that it can be duplicated over and over again with any product!

You can easily be on you way to making 100.00 dollars per day within a few months. If you want to turbo charge your efforts there are various seo services and article marketing services that can help you.

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